Friday 14 August 2020

Students feat. Bernd Herzogenrath

Christoph & Vanessa

The Ecstasy of Second Use

Yevheniia G. & Goharik S.

Recycling Project

Johanna Z. & Hazal K.

Communist Manifesto - An Excerpt by the US Leader

Elena K. und Annabelle J.

The Murders in the Hollywood Hills

Sarah T. & Katharina B.

Recycling Video Presentation

Michelle B.

Guilty Pleasure of a Feminist

Celine W. & Marie W.

Twenty Twenty

Maybrit G. & Kelly V.

Romeo and Juliet 2020

Lisa N. & Jonas D.

Die Antwoord vs. Roger Ballen

Léna L. & Jonas N.

Cutting-Out the Words from the Mind

Jocelyn K.

Trailer Park Bros

Julius T. & Ilias Ahmed M.


Attila V. and Syed H.

Pandemic Musical

Sophia O. & Katharina T.

Our Statement on Racism

Jovana R. und Vinit S.


Anne B. & Bianca K.

D. Trump ft. Studio Ghibli: Reawakening

Steffi C. & Ilknur Y.

Coronavirus Recycling

Derya K.


Julia S. & Alina W.

Food For Thought

Venise G. & Andre S.

Students feat. Bernd Herzogenrath

Christoph & Vanessa